Suzhou Bonphot Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with high-quality and cost-effective optoelectronic communication solutions and services, widely serving the fields of optical fiber communication, optical fiber sensing, mobile communication, petroleum exploration and base station, satellite communication, radar communication, aerospace, microwave optoelectronic communication, optoelectronics, high-energy physics, biomedicine, etc!

    The company established a branch company (Photowave Communication Technology Limited) in Hong Kong, which is responsible for import and export, duty-free and international business. Suzhou Boonphot Optoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. is responsible for domestic business.

    Bonphot Optoelectronics adheres to the concept of quality products and professional services, the business policy of integrity, innovation and pioneering spirit, adheres to the customer-centered principle, makes concerted efforts, and works hand in hand with customers to create a better tomorrow!
    Suzhou Bofu Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd

    Address: No.35 Longtan Road, Suzhou Industrial Park

    Tel:0512-6282 8421 / 6722 4155 / 6722 4255

    Fax:0512-6722 4355


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